Hey You!

So this is me! A naive dreamer who still thinks everything is possible. My head is up in the sky, and my eyes gets teared up when I see something beautiful and attractive. I guess that’s why I have a need of breathing photography.

In year 2011 I began my studies at  Gamleby school of photography, a higher vocational education specialized in commercial and fashion photography in Småland, Sweden. And today am I working as a freelance photographer’s assistant and retoucher, based in Stockholm, and have so far worked with following photographers;

  • Nils Odier / Agent Bauer (Sthlm)
  • Mikael Schulz / Hall & Lundgren (New York/Sthlm)
  • Oscar Falk / Hall & Lundgren (Sthlm)
  • Therese Aldgård (New York)
  •  Frida Marklund /LundLund (New York/Sthlm)
  •  Max Modén / Rockson(Sthlm)
  •  Fabian Björstjerna / AgentBauer (Sthlm)
  • Susanna Blåvarg / Choice Sthlm
  • Peter Edqvist (Sthlm)
  • Christopher Hunt (Sthlm) 
  • Joachim Belaieff (Sthlm)
  •  Niclas Brunzell (Sthlm)
  •  Lisa Hasselgren (Sthlm)
  •  Johan Westin (Sthlm)
  •  David Einar/Linkin (Linköping)
  • Tobias Björkgren  (Sthlm)
  • Retoucher at Redwolf Studio (http://www.redwolfstudio.se).

Please feel free to contact me, I’m always open for new collaborations.